California Man Seeks Damages After Doctor Removes Wrong Kidney

72 year old Francisco Torres is suing his surgeon, Dr. H. Erik Wahlstrom and Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center, for medical malpractice after the wrong kidney was removed during a July 14th surgery.
Torres’ left kidney was thought to have a cancerous mass, and he underwent surgery to have it removed.  Dr. Wahlstrom didn’t remove Torres’ left kidney, however.  Instead, he removed the patient’s right kidney which was completely healthy.
Following this botched surgery, Torres then had to undergo another operation to have the cancerous mass removed from his remaining diseased kidney.
The medical error is something Torres will have to live with for the rest of his life.  Instead of living a normal life as a retiree, he is now forced to endure dialysis several times a week just to stay alive.

This isn’t Dr. Wahlstrom’s first medical malpractice lawsuit.  In 2005, the surgeon agreed to pay $2 million when a patient’s kidney transplant that he performed became infected and the organ had to be removed.

It is not clear yet how much Torres is seeking in his medical malpractice lawsuit.  Updates will be reported here accordingly.

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