Yaz Lawsuits relating to Gall Bladder and Blood Clot Injuries

April 4, 2010

Avandia Settlement and Avandia Lawsuit Information

April 4, 2010

Think Tort Reform will Reduce Health Care Costs? Think Again.

February 17, 2010

From the Sacramento Bee.

There might be good reasons to consider changes in how malpractice suits are handled. But the idea that tort reform would significantly slow, or even alter, the trajectory of U.S. health care spending is not among them.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that tort reform could save $41 billion over the next decade, a figure now being touted by proponents.

To most of us, $41 billion is a lot of money. In the world of health care, it’s a tiny drop in a very large ocean. Between now and 2019, annual health care spending will increase by $2 trillion. Not to $2 trillion. It will grow by $2 trillion, from $2.5 trillion to about $4.5 trillion.

The projected savings from capping malpractice awards works out to a 2 percent reduction in what we otherwise would spend.

A Measly 2 percent!

Read the whole article/editorial here…  http://www.sacbee.com/846/story/2542910.html

Surgeon Sued for Negligence

February 6, 2010

Suzette Carlin, who has been battling for over a decade after suffering surgical malpractice, has finally won her case.  A jury awarded her $2.4 million to compensate her for the botched bowel surgery she underwent in October 1998, which has left her scarred and in constant pain.

At the time of the incident, Mrs. Carlin was already in the hospital where she was receiving ongoing “conservative medical management” for what doctors had diagnosed as an obstructed bowel.  Her gastroenterologist had determined that her condition was improving, and decided to keep her on the course of treatment she was on.

That all changed, however, when her gastroenterologist left town for a few days and she was seen by Dr. Zahid Chohan, a surgeon, who immediately scheduled Carlin for surgery the following day during which he removed more than twelve inches of her intestine.

Over the next several months Carlin was forced to undergo additional surgeries and was treated for multiple infections and complications caused by the original procedure.  Her medical attorney stated that Carlin spent a total of 88 days in the hospital, and must take medication daily to combat the pain she experiences.  She also has difficulty controlling her bowels and is terribly scarred.

The medical malpractice trial lasted three weeks before the jury found in favor of the plaintiff and her husband, awarding them $2.2 million and $200,000, respectively.

Woman Dies from Radiation Overdose

February 4, 2010

The family of a 60 year old woman who died from a perforated bowel related to a radiation overdose has reached a settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit they filed on her behalf.

Patricia Quirk was diagnosed with stage three endometrial cancer in 2003 and immediately began radiation treatment at an Illinois medical center.  She received eleven treatments that were futile, during which she was severely over-radiated.  The overdose of radiation caused her bowel to become perforated, which cased the sepsis that ultimately led to her death.

According to the Quirk family’s medical attorney, the victim was supposed to receive 180 centigrays of radiation, but instead received an alarming 270 centigrays.  The wrongful death lawsuit claims that doctors failed to properly monitor and supervise the amount of radiation being administered and therefore did not catch the overdose.

Radiation treatments in normal doses take a tremendous toll on the body.  Side effects like anemia, bleeding, infections, tissue irritation and hair loss are commonly seen in this type of cancer treatment.  The idea of Ms. Quirk receiving 50% more than necessary is almost inconceivable.  Unfortunately, it did happen, and her family is now left to deal with her premature death.

The Quirk family agreed to a settlement of $7.5 million for their loss, and the case did not have to go to court.  If you have been a victim of radiation overdose, or lost a loved one as a result of this type of egregious medical error, you too may be entitled to compensation.  Contact a medical lawyer right away.

Woman Suffers Third Degree Burns from Surgical Malpractice

February 2, 2010

A woman is suing for surgical malpractice claiming that she suffered third degree burns on her back while she was being prepped for surgery.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this month by Veronica Sasenbury, who says that when she went in for surgery to treat her hyperparathyroidism, doctors allowed a hot object to press against her back causing her to suffer serious burns.  She was only 12 years old at the time.

Sasenbury says that doctors were negligent in failing to properly monitor her surgery preparation.  Her suit also states that one of the doctors at the hospital where the incident occurred did not properly supervise his assistants with regard to the proper placement of surgical devices.

As a result of the medical error, Sasenbury has had to endure multiple additional surgeries, is permanently disfigured and has suffered costly medical expenses, pain and suffering.

Every surgical procedure comes with a risk.  Some errors are completely unavoidable and not every mistake constitutes surgical malpractice.  There are some, however, that medical attorneys see more frequently than others, such as:

  • Surgery on wrong organ, wrong site surgery or wrong side surgery
  • Incorrect incision
  • Use of unsanitary surgical utensils
  • Puncture or perforation of an organ
  • Delayed surgery
  • Prolonged surgery

There are plenty of other scenarios in which a doctor or medical staff’s negligence contributes to the injury of a patient and causes surgical malpractice, but the best way to know for sure if you have been a victim is to sit down with a medical lawyer who has experience in dealing with surgical malpractice lawsuits.  He or she can evaluate your claim and help you determine what the next step should be.

Medical Negligence Abroad

January 31, 2010

A New Delhi family is alleging that the doctors who delivered their baby gravely injured her and caused her death, just two days after her birth.  The level of medical negligence is shocking, as it was revealed that the newborn’s arm was slashed with a scalpel during her mother’s caesarian section.

Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that the initial injury may not be what caused her death.  According to the baby’s father, his daughter lay for two days and doctors never even dressed the gaping wound on her arm.

The hospital is all but denying the allegations, stating simply that, “the baby’s arm got hurt but it was not serious”.  They went on to say that “things like this do happen”.

Given the level of shock and anger over the child’s senseless death, the hospital is now being investigated by authorities and a promise has been made that the appropriate action will be taken against those who are found guilty.

It’s certainly no surprise that cases of medical malpractice occur all over the globe.  In fact, its cases like this that serve as reminders of how much more dangerous medical care can be in other countries.  But although the standard of care is typically higher in the US than in other nations, medical errors still occur.  If you have been a victim, contact a medical attorney right away to discuss your rights.


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